Top 10 Most Read Posts Published in 2021

Yesterday, I published the top 10 most read posts on this site in 2021, regardless of when I published the post. Here is a similar list limited to those posts published in the last year.

  1. Rejoice!
  2. 9 Reasons Your Church Might Need a Choir
  3. 9 Reasons Church Attendance Won’t Soon Return to Pre-COVID Numbers
  4. 15 Signs Your Church Has “Settled” for Less than the Best
  5. 8 Reasons It’s Time to Take Off Our Masks
  6. 12 Questions Church Leaders Need to Ask Monthly
  7. A Simple Way to Pray for Pastors before Worship This Weekend
  8. 15 Accountability Questions that Matter
  9. 10 Things Not to Do at Church This Weekend 
  10. Reasons Your Church Members Aren’t Volunteering . . . and What to Do about It

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