6 Ways to Find Green Grass in the Desert

You may not recognize the picture that accompanies this blog post (and, if you’re reading this post on a mobile device that doesn’t show the picture, I encourage you to go to www.chucklawless.com and look at it). The picture is a small circle of Astroturf that has been worn out by golf clubs. I was in a part of the world dominated by deserts, and my friend introduced me to golf on a sand golf course. From the tee, the golfer carries this Astroturf to where the ball lands in the sand, places the ball on the turf, and then hits his next stroke. Essentially, he carries his green grass with him no matter how much desert surrounds him. 

I think of that image when I’m reminded that God has a way of granting us water in a dry land, hope in the arid . . . green grass in the desert. Here are some ways I encourage you to carry your green grass with you no matter how dry your desert might be:

  1. Read the entirety of God’s message. I don’t mean read the whole Bible this week; what I mean is make sure you see the ultimate victory that comes in Christ. In Him, we have the absolute assurance that the river of living water awaits (Rev 22:1). Our job is to trust that truth when we’re surrounded by sand. 
  2. Get somebody to be with you in the desert. By definition, the desert can be a lonely place. It’s hot. It’s dry. It seemingly goes on forever. Being in that atmosphere is easier, though, when you know someone’s walking with you. Invite a brother or sister of Christ into your desert. 
  3. Secure some prayer partners before you’re in the desert. Get some folks now who stay on their knees on your behalf—and remember they’re there in the tough times. Do it soon; if you wait until you’re in the desert, you may be so emotionally drained you won’t have the energy to seek prayer. 
  4. Count your many blessings. And, as the hymn says, “name them one by one.” Particularly, seeing God’s continual care in the past can give you hope in today’s desert. The God who took care of you yesterday will take care of you today. In fact, count that fact among your blessings!
  5. Even when it’s difficult, thank God for the desert. That’s not always easy when our lips are parched by the desert, but obedience requires we give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess 5:18). Somehow, gratitude has a way of helping us see even the smallest sliver of green grass in the widest desert. 
  6. Remember that the God of the green grass is also the God of the desert. In fact, God often uses the desert to make us thirstier for Him (Psa 42-43). When we recognize these truths, we don’t get frustrated by the desert; we rejoice when we see the grass. 

If you’re in a desert today and you’re comfortable requesting prayer from our readers, feel free to leave a comment on the website. We’re praying for you. 

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