02/09/22 Whatever . . . and Exactly

READING: Exodus 25:1-28:43

Sometimes God’s Word is detailed and complex, and at other times it’s strikingly simple. Today’s reading, for example, includes details about the tabernacle the people of God were to build. The measurements are specific. The numbers are clear. The details are numerous. Even the priestly garments are described with great specificity. So many details are given for this entire task of building and furnishing the tabernacle that artists throughout the years have sought to draw what they “see” in the words the Lord gave to Moses. 

On the other hand, this reading includes these simple, direct words: “Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you” (Exo 25:9). Despite all the data and details provided, the people had one simple mandate: do exactly what God told them to do. The situation was quite different, but I’m reminded of Mary’s words to the servants when she expected them to follow Jesus’ directions at the wedding in Cana: “do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). 

“Just do whatever God tells you to do.” “Do it in exactly the way He requires.” I suspect we would struggle much less with determining the will of God if we would simply do what we already know He has told us to do. At its core, obedience is not that complicated.   

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Where are you over-complicating following God?                         

TODAY’S PRAYER: “Father, grant me faith to do whatever You demand of me today.”      

TOMORROW’S READING: Exodus 29:1-31:18

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