02/14/22 Wherever He Leads

READING: Exodus 39:32-40:38, Numbers 9:15-23 

I cannot imagine what it was like for God to lead the Hebrews by a cloud that sometimes settled on the tabernacle and at other times lifted from its place. What the Hebrews knew was that they were to remain in place when the cloud remained, and they were to move when the cloud moved. That is, they were to be continually looking to the Lord, ever ready to settle for some time yet also always ready to move at the Lord’s command via the cloud. Regardless of God’s plan for each day, they were to follow His lead. 

I’m struck today by how many times I and other believers wrestle with these very questions. For example, when do we know we’re supposed to stay at a church, either as a pastor or a lay leader? When do we move? Or, how long do we remain in the job God has given us, even when the job’s a difficult one? How do we know when His will for us is to go in a different direction? Or, for me personally, given my generally restless spirit, when do I just need to settle down and take no other steps for now? 

In the midst of all these questions, the answer is really quite simple: daily, continually, intentionally look to the Lord and follow Him. We must sing with the song writer, “Wherever He leads, I’ll go”—then sing in addition an unwritten verse, too: “Whenever He says ‘stay,’ I’ll stay.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Do you need to settle down somewhere today? Or, do you need to take a step of faith in a new direction?  

TODAY’S PRAYER: “Father, lead me today.”       

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 7:1-89

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