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Recently, I spent some time ministering to cross-cultural workers and families in another part of the world. As usual, they taught me more and challenged my faith more than I could have ever given them. As a long-term pastor, how I wish I would have been more burdened about praying for and supporting these workers when I was a young pastor! 

First, though, a word to my Southern Baptist family church leaders: I realize our system of support for missions through the Cooperative Program sometimes feels impersonal and disconnected, but I’m convinced that’s not the issue. The issue is that we leaders aren’t always burdened sufficiently to figure out how to meet, get to know, love, and prayerfully support missionaries we know by name. The strongest Great Commission-minded church leaders I know do what it takes to make sure their church shares this burden. If you want to increase your church’s commitment to the task, let me know. I’d love to connect you with folks at the International Mission Board or the North American Mission Board. In the meantime, maybe one of these previous posts might grab your attention:

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  • Alexis says:

    Thank you for this article and for including NAMB. My previous pastor is a mission pastor in an inner city church. Their risks are different than those in foreign countries working in out lying villages but not any different than those in cities across the globe. ( exception being anti- Christian countries, but then we are at risk of becoming one) They work out doors in the community, they arrange events and plan lessons for many when only few come, they put themselves in harms way with every door they knock on and every homeless person or street person they approach and every evening Bible study. But they trust in God and their calling. They remember what American churches forget when they think of missions and mission workers— we have a huge mission field right outside our doors and missionaries with mission churches that need our prayers and financial support as well.

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