09/21/22 One-Tenth

READING: Nehemiah 11:1-12:26, 1 Chronicles 9:1-34

Sometimes serving God fully requires a move of physical residence. I think particularly of missionaries who serve around the world, in addition to local church leaders who move across North America to serve. They follow God—often with risk, yet in faith—to help spread His message and extend His glory to the nations. They go because the work is greater than their desire to be safe and settled. 

In today’s reading in Nehemiah, the leaders challenged one-tenth of the people in the towns surrounding Jerusalem to leave their preferred places and move into the city. It is not clear if they were all chosen by lot or volunteered, but they surely moved to the holy city to populate it and help protect it. Apparently, their heritage and their history meant more to them than their security in their homes in the nearby towns. 

Should God call us to make some kind of move for the sake of the Great Commission, I pray Pam and I will be quickly willing to go.  

PERSONAL REFLECTION: How willing are you to move at God’s command?  

DAILY PRAYER: “Give me faith, God, to follow You wherever You call.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: Nehemiah 12:27-13:6, Nehemiah 5:14-19, Nehemiah 13:7-31, Malachi 1:1-2:9

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