Wednesday Words: My Thoughts on Some Things We Should Be Grateful For Today

As you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving this week, be sure to express gratitude to God for these blessings:

  1. If you’ve heard of Jesus, you’ve had more access to the gospel than 4 billion people in the world.
  2. If you have the entire Bible in your language, your language is one of only 700 out of 7000 languages with a complete translation.
  3. If you worshiped this past weekend without threat on your life, you’ve had more privilege than many believers around the world.
  4. If you have sufficient food today, you’re better off than 800 million people around the globe who are chronically undernourished.
  5. If your children have clean water, good sanitation, and proper hygiene, they’re uniquely blessed (in fact, World Vision estimates that 15,000 children under five die every day from preventable causes like diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia).
  6. If your children have a roof over their heads, they’re better off than at least 150 million street children in the world.
  7. If you’re a Christian, you’re redeemed, held in the hands of God, and destined for heaven. No matter what you’re facing today, you have reason to be grateful.

Be sure to be thankful today, tomorrow, and every day. 

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