Wednesday Words: My Thoughts on Annual Goals

Last year at this time, I proposed these goals for 2022. I have met most of them, but not all of them. How about you?

  1. I will read the Bible each day this year. Start this new year by following a workable Bible reading plan, perhaps one found under “Bible Study Tools” at
  2. I will pray every day with my spouse and family. Church leaders who really pray begin by praying with those that matter most—their family. 
  3. I will memorize at least one scripture verse every other week. Memorize the Word, and have the Sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17) ready when the enemy seeks to discourage and defeat you.
  4. I will walk in holiness. Let’s be honest: even leaders struggle with sin.  The strongest spiritual leaders, though, bring sin out of the darkness through confession, turn from it, and follow Christ. 
  5. I will take care of myself physically. Taking care of the one body God has given us is not only wise, but it’s also spiritually necessary. We are not a good witness when we’re out of shape. 
  6. I will speak about God to someone each day. Most of us will be better witnesses for God if we speak about Him more often to anyone—including other believers. 
  7. I will seek opportunities to share my faith weekly.  Lead your church intentionally by sharing the gospel at least once a week. Pray and watch for God-given opportunities, and don’t miss open doors (Col. 4:2-4).
  8. I will personally disciple at least four believers this year. Commit next year to mentor at least four believers, perhaps working with two for six months at a time.
  9. I will increase my commitment to global missions this year. You may give more, pray more, send more, or go more – but plan to do something more next year than you have this year.
  10. If physically able, I will take at least one missions trip this year.  Somebody, somewhere in North America and around the world needs your witness. As the end of COVID allows, plan to go.  
  11. I will listen when others tell me I’m too busy. When we allow ministry to control us, we have little left to give to those who love us best, and we ultimately have nothing left to give to the world. 
  12. I will hold myself accountable to someone for these commitments. In many ways, this work in this next year will be about doing old things well – and so deeply committing to them that you hold yourself accountable.

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