01/24/23 Daily

READING: Exodus 16-19

Daily. That’s how often the Israelites were to get manna from the Lord. 

That’s how often they were to eat all that God provided for them. 

They were to eat the manna each day, then trust the Lord to provide the next day. Indeed, He was testing them to see if they would follow His instructions. When they disobediently kept some of the manna overnight, it “bred worms and stank” (Exo 16:20). Daily they were to trust God—not keep some of it just in case God did not provide. 

Daily. That’s how often we, too, are to turn to God, thank Him for His provisions, and follow Him. One day at a time, we deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Him. Each day we cling to Him and trust Him with our tomorrows.  

Decide now to follow Him fully this day. If tomorrow comes, trust Him that day, too. Daily. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are your trusting God right now? 

DAILY PRAYER: “God, turn my attention to You today. Help me to trust You.” 


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