02/09/23 Summary

READING: Leviticus 19-22

When I coach pastors on preparing sermons or teaching lessons, I ask them to give me a single, simple sentence stating what they want their hearers to do based on their teaching.  If they can’t give me that simple summary, they’re likely not yet ready to teach the lesson or preach the sermon. A lack of clarity in the preparation will produce a lack of clarity in the proclamation, too. 

So, I’m grateful when I read summary statements like Leviticus 22:31—”You are to keep my commands and do them; I am the Lord.” It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s memorable. It’s life-giving. The repetition of “I am the Lord” throughout Leviticus reminds us that we are dealing with the One who reigns, and the simple statement about keeping His commands reminds us what we are to do. 

Christian living really is this simple: God is the Lord, and we are to do what He says. That summary says it all. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are you keeping God’s commands? 

DAILY PRAYER: “God, You are the Lord. Help me to keep Your commands and do them.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Leviticus 23-25

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