03/14/23 Without Delay

READING: Joshua 2-5

It surely was quite a day! God rolled back the waters of the Jordan River so His people could cross on dry ground. In the midst of that story is a verse that almost makes me chuckle each time I read it: “the people hurried across” (Josh 4:10, CSB). Other versions read, “the people passed over in haste” (ESV) and “the people hurried and crossed” (NASB). 

We don’t know why they moved in such a hurry, but perhaps this is the reason: the waters would likely be rolled back for a limited time, and this would not be a time to be slow in obedience. Some would have thus been motivated by fear, but surely some moved quickly in faith and obedience. The people who had learned the penalty of disobedience for not going into the Land now moved forward without looking back. 

I’m reminded that whatever God requires of me today, I must obey in that moment. Delaying obedience can only lead to trouble. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are you delaying obedience in any area of your life today?        

DAILY PRAYER: “God, help me to obey You without hesitation.”   


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