03/21/23 A Good Way to Go

READING: Joshua 22-24 

He had been Moses’ assistant, and then he became the leader of God’s people. He who had recognized that God wanted His people to take the Promised Land decades before had now seen them settled in the land. He had served the Lord faithfully, but now his time to depart this world had come. 

Advanced in age, he could review God’s hand among His people and see that God had always, always been faithful to His word and to His people. On that truth he challenged the people to remain faithful, never turning to the right or the left away from God’s word. He warned them of the consequences of disobedience, but then also exhorted them with his own commitment: “As for me and my family, we will worship the Lord” (Josh 24:15). Even if he and his family were the only ones to remain faithful, he would not compromise. 

When he died, he left behind a generation of folks who followed the Lord. The people would not always remain faithful, but Joshua’s influence was nonetheless lasting beyond his death. What a way to go! 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: If the Lord were to call you home today, what would you leave behind?         

DAILY PRAYER: “Lord, help me to be so faithful to You today that I leave behind a legacy of trust and obedience.”   


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