04/15/23 Saturday Prayer Challenge

Read these words of David Mathis, and pause to wonder over the mystery of a God who wants to hear from us:

“By his word, he reveals himself and expresses his heart, and unveils his Son as the culmination of his speaking. By his word, he creates (Gen. 1:3) and re-creates (2 Cor. 4:4), not just individual members, but a body called the church . . . .

And wonder of wonders, not only does he express himself and bid us hear his voice, but he wants to hear ours. The speaking God not only has spoken, but he also listens—he stops, he stoops, he wants to hear from you. He stands ready to hear your voice. Christian, you have the ear of God. We call it prayer.

David Mathis, Habits of Grace (p. 94). Crossway. Kindle Edition. Emphasis added

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