05/04/23 This is What Happened

READING: 2 Kings 5-7

Think with me today about God’s faithfulness. Elisha told Naaman, the Aramean commander who suffered from leprosy, to wash in the Jordan River seven times to experience healing. Naaman at first balked, but God kept His word when Naaman finally relented. What God had said through His prophet did indeed happen. 

Elisha’s servant Gehazi got greedy for spoils, and the prophet told him he would suffer the leprosy with which Naaman had once been afflicted. And, that’s what happened. 

When Elisha assured others that God would bring recovery to Samaria after a devastating siege, that’s what happened. Indeed, the phrase, “It was then that . . . according to the word of the Lord” (2 Kgs 7:16) states simply what always happens: the Lord fulfills His word according to His timetable and plan. 

Further, Elisha had told the skeptical guard at the city gate that God would restore Samaria, but the guard would eat none of its resources. The man died, and the text summarizes, “this is what happened to him” (2 Kgs 7:20).

This is what happened.” Someday, in God’s timing, we will see that all God’s Word has come true. We will join those who agree, “this is indeed what happened.” In the meantime, we trust Him. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are you trusting God and His Word today?    

DAILY PRAYER: “Father, I am grateful that You will fulfill Your plan according to Your Word. Help me to trust You today.” 


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