05/26/23 Simple Prayer

READING: 2 Chronicles 13-17

You can pack a lot in a simple prayer. In today’s reading,  King Asa did that when he prayed about a Cushite rebellion against his forces: “Lord, there is no one besides you to help the mighty and those without strength. Help us, Lord our God, for we depend on you, and in your name we have come against this large army. Lord, you are our God. Do not let a mere mortal hinder you.”

Notice how Asa prayed. First, he honored the Lord by pointing out there was no one quite like Him—able and willing to help both the mighty and the weak. Second, he willingly admitted their need: “Help us, Lord our God.” Third, the psalmist confessed weakness and dependence—a good place to be, as it drives us to our knees and keeps us there. Next, he noted again that God was their God; He was a personal God so powerful that no mere mortal or large army could prevail against Him. Israel had prepared for enemies by fortifying their cities, but it was God who would give the victory. 

It was just a simple, passionate, honest prayer . . . and the Lord responded to it by routing the Cushites.  Still today, He responds to the simple prayer of His people. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: What simple request do you need to make of God today?  

DAILY PRAYER: “Father, thank You for being the God of victory—the One who helps the mighty and the weak.” 

MONDAY’S READING: 2 Chronicles 18-22

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