Introducing “The Hope Initiative”–A Simple Strategy to Get Your Church Turned Outward Again

A few weeks ago, I published a blog post at Thom Rainer’s Church Answers site entitled, “Why I’m Excited about the Hope Initiative.” I wrote it because I truly am excited about this easy-to-do strategy to help pastors guide their churches toward an outward focus. This approach challenges pastors to enlist a few believers at a time, guide them through 30 days of Great Commission-oriented prayer, Bible study, and outreach, and celebrate God’s work through their efforts. 

Our beta testing has shown the Hope Initiative to help participants, as one told us, “to do what we should be doing as believers in the first place.” I’m using this blog post to introduce you to this strategy because we at Church Answers will be having a webinar on “The Hope Initiative” tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm EDT. It’s entitled, “30-Day Jumpstart to Reach Your Community with the Gospel,” and I encourage you to join us. Regardless of your role in your church, I think you’ll find this webinar encouraging. You can register for this webinar here.  

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