Do You Remember When?

For some reason, I’ve been wandering down memory lane today. I’m not arguing for a return to all these things—in fact, I would argue against returning to some of these things—but I am nevertheless remembering days gone by. Do you remember when . . . 

  1. A suit and tie were the assumed attire for men going to church (even if some of the suits were outdated and the ties were poorly tied)? 
  2. The only screens in the church were those we brought in on a stand to watch a reel-to-reel movie or a filmstrip? 
  3.  We knew the KJV but hadn’t even heard of the NIV, the NASB, the ESV, or the CSB? 
  4. Entire families came to church together in one car?
  5. The praise choruses we sang were songs like, “Do Lord, oh do Lord, oh do remember me,” “The wise man built his house upon the rock,” and “The little light of mine”? 
  6. Church buses drove the neighborhoods each Sunday to pick up kids for Sunday school? 
  7. Soloists sang “special music” using cassette tape soundtracks? 
  8. We filled out “offering envelopes” that held us accountable for Bible reading, inviting guests to church, praying, and giving? 
  9. We used hymnbooks (but sang only @20 of the songs in it)? 
  10. Sometimes we got to watch choir members falling asleep during the sermon? 
  11. Missionaries speaking to the church meant a slide show on a projector? 
  12. Conflict within a church tended to stay there—meaning it wasn’t broadcast on something called “social media”? 
  13. The only chairs in a worship center were those we brought in when the crowd was bigger than the pews would hold? 
  14. Wearing a “lapel mike” meant wearing a microphone on our chest, with a cord that attached us to an outlet in floor?
  15. Taking a mission trip meant driving across town or across the state? 
  16. Everybody brought a Bible to church, even if they never read it?
  17. The only way to listen to a sermon after the fact was to order a tape recording mailed to you?
  18. We sometimes greeted guests by asking them to stand and give us their names? 
  19. Some people walked to church?
  20. The only telephone in the church building was in the church office? 

Actually, I know why I’ve been going down this lane today. Every August marks another year since I became a believer in this month in 1974. Things have changed over the years, but God has been faithful and good all these years! Thank You, Lord. 


  • Stewart McCarter says:

    I am personally rejoicing that God saved you and your parents and your family. I rejoice in how God has used you in His Kingdom for His glory. I rejoice in how our lives have intersected and am grateful for your influence in my life and the life of others.
    And I grew up in the church you described today!
    Until the nets are full!
    Stewart McCarter

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