09/13/23 On Our Side

READING: Ezekiel 34-37

God had been against His people for their sin, but now He assured them of a coming day of restoration—a reversal to the judgment against the mountains God had announced in Ezekiel 6. Now, God would someday make the land productive again even as He drew His people back to the land from among the nations. 

There is much to consider in these chapters, but it’s just a simple phrase that captures me today. Here’s what God said to the mountains (and consequently, to His people): “I am on your side” (Ezek 36:9). Different versions read a bit differently, but the phrase, “I am for you” captures the point. When God says first, “I am for you,” followed by, as today’s reading in Ezekiel 36 shows, multiple “I will . . .” statements, we can live with confidence and faith. He who is on our side will accomplish what He wishes to accomplish through us so the nations might know His name. 

God is for us. God is on our side. What else do we need to know? 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: What difference does it make in your life that God is for you?  

PRAYER: “God, show others Your glory through Your work in my life.”     


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