10/12/23 Nevertheless

READING: Matthew 13-15

He was miraculously born to aged parents who had been praying. He was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy; in fact, an angel announced his coming birth. He was the forerunner of the Messiah. Great crowds came to hear him preach. He even baptized Jesus despite his reticence to do it—and Jesus Himself spoke of his greatness.

All that information certainly set John apart from others. Nevertheless—despite all that John had experienced—still he was arrested and imprisoned. Still he died a brutal death, with his head separated from his body and then placed on a platter. Faithfulness to the task did not protect him from the enemy. 

Our obedience to Christ is simply no guarantee we will never face a life-and-death moment. What we do know, though, is that Christ is with us. Always.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: What is your faith costing you?                   

PRAYER: “Almighty One, prepare me to endure in faith no matter what I face.” 


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