10/30/23 Immediate Obedience

READING: Luke 7-8

I cannot imagine her pain. She was a widow, though we don’t know for how long. Surely that tragedy, though, had been an agonizing event. I know it’s impossible for me to consider what it would be like to lose Pam. Now, this widow’s son had died, too. He was her only son, in fact. To prepare to bury a child must have been even more anguishing. Who would now take care of this grieving mother? 

The answer, of course, was Jesus. When He happened upon the funeral, Jesus halted the parade, told the mother not to weep, and ordered the dead son to get up. The young man’s response was immediate: “The dead man sat up and began to speak” (Luke 7:15). 

The dead sat up when Jesus said, “Get up.” Without hesitation. Without questioning. Just doing what Jesus commanded. 

How I wish we who are alive—beginning with me—would be so obedient today! 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: In what area of your life are you not being obedient?

PRAYER: “Help me, Lord, to be so obedient this day!” 


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