11/07/23 Wait

READING: Luke 24, John 1-3

“You will be my witnesses,” Jesus said to His disciples. But, He also told them to wait for their empowerment from on high before they engaged in their work. They were to go to Jerusalem and wait for the promise from the Father before taking on their tasks. 

This word was a needed reminder to them that (1) they could not do the work of the Great Commission in their own strength, and (2) God would give them the power they needed. How important those words must have been for a band of followers who at times had been hiding behind closed doors! God would give Himself to them as He filled them with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2—and they would march forward in His power. 

We are wise, too, to remember how much we need the Spirit to guide and empower us. Too often, we create our own programs and exert our own efforts without relying on the Spirit in the first place. Sometimes, in fact, we operate first in our power and then later ask God to bless with His power what we’ve already done. Maybe we, too, need to hear this call to stay put unless the Spirit leads us. 

 PERSONAL REFLECTION: How much do you rely on the Spirit daily? 

PRAYER: “Thank You, God, for empowering us through Your Spirit.”  


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