11/16/23 Boldness

READING: Acts 2-5

Peter and John had been arrested for proclaiming Jesus. The leaders in Jerusalem questioned them, and they recognized that these “uneducated and untrained” men” (Acts 4:13) exhibited unique boldness. Indeed, they perceived that these men had been with Jesus. Still, the leaders ordered Peter and John not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. 

Hardly, though, did the apostles pay attention to the order. Instead, they said they could not stop speaking about what they had seen and heard. They just couldn’t keep the story to themselves. The early church joined them in praying not for their protection, but for boldness to keep on proclaiming despite the threats–and the power of God so fell on them that the very place they were meeting was shaken. They began to share the gospel with boldness because the church had prayed in that direction.

Just a question today: what might happen if our churches consistently and regularly prayed for boldness to proclaim the good news? 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Is anyone praying for you to be bold in teaching the Word? 

PRAYER: “God, do make me bold today.” 


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