11/20/23 Prayer . . . and More Prayer

READING: Acts 9-12

Some years ago, I walked through the Gospel of Luke watching for places where that Gospel mentions Jesus praying (and you can find much of that list here). As I read through Luke’s second volume, the book of Acts, this year, I’m reminded that the early believers caught the Lord’s fire for prayer. Take a look at today’s reading, for example:

  • The Lord and Ananias had a conversation about God’s call on Ananias to go speak to Saul (Acts 9:10-16)
  • Ananias would find Saul praying when he arrived (Acts 9:11)
  • Peter prayed as a means through which God resurrected Tabitha (Acts 9:40)
  • Though not yet a believer, Cornelius was already a God-fearer who prayed (Acts 10:2)
  • Peter went up to the rooftop to pray just before he received his vision of a sheet (Acts 10:9)
  • It was during prayer that Cornelius learned he needed to get to Peter (Acts 10:30-31)
  • The church prayed fervently for Peter when he was imprisoned—even though they struggled believing when God actually did answer their prayers (Acts 12:5)

I’m challenged today that (1) I must be a praying man if I claim to be Christlike, and (2) my church must be a praying church if we want to be like the early church. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Do you need to grow in your prayer life?   

PRAYER: “Lord Jesus, teach us to pray.” 


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