11/22/23 But Who Are You?

READING: Acts 16-19

Most people who know me well know that Acts 19:11-15 are primary life verses for me. Years ago, I wrote these verses on a whiteboard in my basement workout area, and I memorized the verses simply by reading them multiple times each day. 

The challenge of these verses is this: do I so live for Christ that the demons know me by name? The sons of Sceva sought to do spiritual warfare by tapping into somebody else’s power (in this case, Paul’s)—but that’s not a smart move. They tried to cast out a demon, who then pushed back mightily against the exorcists. Loosely paraphrased, the words of the demon were, “Jesus I know because He’s the Son of God. Paul I know because he walks with God. But you . . . y’all don’t scare me. There’s nothing in your life that threatens me.” 

“Y’all don’t scare me.” That’s not the way I want to live. 

Instead, here’s my life mission statement: “To live for Christ and speak for Him in such a way that God is glorified and Satan is threatened.” Would you pray for me today? 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Does the enemy know you by name?     

PRAYER: “Father, I do want to be that faithful. Help me.” 


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