An Inspirational, Challenging Testimony of Hope–and Why We Must Talk More about Smaller Churches Reaching People for Christ

Too often, we church growth folks magnify large churches while failing to ask the source of their growth. It’s possible much of their growth has been primarily transfer growth. While some transfer growth is valid, our Great Commission task is to lead non-believers to Christ and to equip new believers as His disciples. Some larger churches are indeed growing by this means, but many are not.

Too seldom, in fact, do we talk about smaller churches known by only a few, but who are experiencing the work of God among them as they reach non-believers. Regrettably, few excited pastors of smaller churches have opportunity to tell their stories much beyond their immediate context. I’m convinced, though, that we miss opportunities to praise the Lord together because we don’t hear those stories.

That’s why I’m excited today to invite you to listen to a testimony from a young pastor in Kentucky whose church is seeing great results from doing Church Answers’ “The Hope Initiative“–an intentional, simple, 30-day strategy to turn a church outward and jumpstart their evangelistic efforts. I’ve been teaching evangelism and church growth for decades, and I’ve seldom seen the kind of results we’ve seen with this strategy.

I interviewed this pastor several weeks ago, and my further correspondence with him indicates that God is continuing to work among His people at this church. In fact, here’s what he wrote to me this weekend: “God is moving in such a way that I’m absolutely blown away. It’s a miracle. No other way to explain it.” I encourage you to watch the 10-minute interview at the Church Answers site. Feel free to connect with me, then, if you have questions about The Hope Initiative.

Maybe your church–regardless of location or size–will catch fire, too.

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