Wednesday Words: David Platt on God’s Call on Our Lives

David Platt’s words have challenged me this week to consider how I lead others to consider God’s call, no matter what their role may be:

“God’s call is for every one of us. Whether you’re a teacher or trout-poop expert, a business professional or stay-at-home parent, a student or retiree, God has created your life to count in a world of urgent need. So don’t underestimate the part God is calling you to play, starting right where you live. Realize that God has you where you are for a reason. You are not in your city or community by accident. You are in your job, your school, your neighborhood, or your apartment complex with the gifts, skills, abilities, and resources you possess by divine design. God has sovereignly given you unique opportunities for the spread of gospel hope in the world around you.”

David Platt, Something Needs to Change: An Urgent Call to Make Your Life Count (p. 195). The Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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