02/07/24 Out of Control


One-year plan: Exodus 30-32, Matthew 24:1-31

Two-year plan: Genesis 41:1-45, Matthew 13:18-30


Moses was receiving the 10 Commandments on the mountain, but the people of God were worshiping a golden calf. When Moses came from the mountain, he found exactly what God had told him: the “stiff-necked” people had turned from God’s commands to create for themselves another god. Their raucous singing and dancing around their idol enraged Moses so much that he smashed the tablets on the ground, destroyed the golden calf by burning it into powder, and forced the Israelites to drink water laden with the powder. 

The description of the people in Exodus 32:25 (“the people were out of control,” CSB) carries various meanings in addition to “out of control.” They were “naked,” “broken loose,” “running wild”; that is, they were rebelling with abandon. They were doing so not only by their own choice, but also because “Aaron had let them get out of control” (v. 25). He did not halt their rebellion, and he had been instrumental in crafting the golden calf and proclaiming a festival. When he could have been a stronger influence to keep the people’s attention on God, he did not do so.

What I think about today are these questions: “Have my actions as a leader ever contributed to or affirmed the rebellion of others? Has my unwillingness to confront sin in front of me ever granted perceived permission for others to live in disobedience?” The questions are a hard, but necessary, evaluation of my leadership. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Have your actions (or lack thereof) contributed to the sin of others?     

PRAYER: “Almighty, forgiving God, thank You for raising up leaders like Moses to guide us.” 


One-year plan: Exodus 33:1-35:29, Matthew 24:32-25:13     

Two-year plan: Genesis 41:46-42:38, Matthew 13:31-43       

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