02/09/24 Well Done


One-year plan: Exodus 35:30-38:31, Matthew 25:14-46

Two-year plan: Genesis 43, Matthew 13:44-58


I loved school growing up. In fact, I still love the idea of school. If I’m completely honest, though, I have a unique reason for liking school; that is, I still like the accolades that come with doing good work and earning good grades. You would think that I would have grown out of that desire, but it’s still there deep in my heart. With that reflection in mind, I constantly must check my heart in my walk with God. 

The parable of the talents reminds me that God expects us to be both faithful and fruitful, and He recognizes those who are both. The master commended the slave with the five talents and the slave with two talents. What they produced differed, but each received the same blessing from the master. Both were faithful to use what they had been given, and both produced something for the master. It was the wicked, lazy slave who did nothing with his talents and blamed the master for his own failures – and who wound up cast into outer darkness. 

I want to be working when Jesus comes back, and I want to have much to lay at His feet. That means using what He gives me, taking a faith risk to invest it, and ever reminding myself that it all belongs to Him anyway. May God help all of us to get there.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are you using your talents for God?      

PRAYER: “Lord, use me.” 


One-year plan: Exodus 39-40, Matthew 26:1-25       

Two-year plan: Genesis 44:1-45:15, Matthew 14:1-12 

*portions first published in 2017

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