04/01/24 Like Rain


One-year plan: Deuteronomy 32-34, Luke 5:12-39

Two-year plan: Leviticus 7, Matthew 27:1-14


For six years, I was the dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth at Southern Seminary in KY. Every semester began with a new student orientation, and I used Deuteronomy 32 as the foundation for my opening devotion each time. Verse 2-3 of Deuteronomy 32 are, in fact, one of my prayers as a preacher and teacher. Like Moses, I pray that my teaching falls like gentle, revitalizing rains on people in need of refreshment. I want my church members and my students to look forward to hearing the life-giving, replenishing Word of the Lord in whatever way I have privilege to proclaim it. 

My goal is to proclaim the Lord’s name (though if I’m honest, both roles as pastor and professor carry with them the lure of ego). God is great. He is our Rock. He is faithful, without bias. He is righteous and true. He alone is God. He leads His people along the way. 

May our messages always point to Him, to His mercy and grace, and to His sovereign reign! 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are the teachings of the Scripture life-giving to you?  

PRAYER: “God, there is none like You. Amen.”  


One-year plan: Joshua 1-4, Luke 6:1-36

Two-year plan: Leviticus 8, Matthew 27:15-26

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