04/19/24 “I Will Complete My Work”


One-year plan: Judges 20-21, Luke 13:18-14:14

Two-year plan: Leviticus 26, Mark 4:10-25


Nothing would stop Jesus from completing the Father’s plan. Nothing. Not even the king who wanted to kill him. 

Word came to Jesus that Herod wanted him dead, but those words hardly concerned Jesus. Rather, He simply continued His work, casting out demons, healing the sick, and making His way to Jerusalem. In that holy city, there He would indeed die – but according to the plans of the Father rather than the plans of the king. No earthly king could interrupt the plan of the true King. 

The Lamb of God would do His work of dying for the sins of the world. For that, I am deeply grateful today. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: What does it mean for you today that Jesus accomplished His plan?      

PRAYER: “Jesus, I praise You for who You are and for what You have done. Amen. ”


One-year plan: Ruth 1-4, Luke 14:15-15:10

Two-year plan: Leviticus 27, Mark 4:26-41

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