Wednesday Words: Mark Liederbach on Hearing the Footsteps of God

My colleague and friend, Mark Liederbach, has written in his book, Chasing Infinity, about Adam and Eve in the Garden after they had sinned. I found these words to be convicting and challenging as I think about the consequences of my sin–in addition to my responses when confronted:

“Think of it! The text indicates that Adam and Eve had the immense and remarkable privilege of walking with the Lord daily in the cool shade as dear friends and companions. Indeed, the passage clearly implies that they had become familiar with the sound of the Lord’s footsteps even as they heard them from a distance. However long they had been in the Garden (the text does not say), up to this point in history the hearing of these same footsteps would have caused them joy and expectant anticipation of personal time with their loving Creator. But now, for the first time and forever more, the guilt and shame that resulted from sin maimed them with fear as their consciences mocked them.

So they hid.

They actually attempted to hide from the omniscient, omnipotent God of the universe! And when they finally faced Him, they audaciously attempted to dodge responsibility and shift the blame (Genesis 3:11-13). In so doing, they gave the first example of what would become the standard response of every future child of Adam’s race: foolhardy blame shifting and denial of responsibility.”


Mark Liederbach, Chasing Infinity (pp. 34-35). Cru Press. Kindle Edition.

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