05/21/24 Hearing from Heaven


One-year plan: 1 Kings 8, John 5:1-30

Two-year plan: Numbers 26, Mark 12:1-17


I am struck by the repetition in the prayer of Solomon in today’s Old Testament reading. As the king dedicated the Temple, his prayer resounded with these words: 

  • “Listen to your servant’s prayer and his petition, Lord my God, so that you may hear the cry and the prayer that your servant prays before you today” (1 Kgs 8:28)
  • “Hear the petition of your servant and your people Israel, which they pray toward this place. May you hear in your dwelling place in heaven. May you hear and forgive.” (1 Kgs 8:30)
  • “May you hear in heaven and forgive the sin of your people Israel.” (1 Kgs 8:34)
  • “May you hear in heaven and forgive the sin of your servants and your people Israel” (1 Kgs 8:36)
  • “May you hear in heaven, your dwelling place” (1 Kgs 8:39)
  • “May you hear in heaven, your dwelling place” (1 Kgs 8:43)
  • “May you hear their prayer and petition in heaven” (1 Kgs 8:45)
  • “May you hear in heaven, your dwelling place, their prayer and petition and uphold their cause.” (1 Kgs 8:49)
  • “May your eyes be open to your servant’s petition and to the petition of your people Israel, listening to them whenever they call to you.” (1 Kgs 8:52)
  • “May my words with which I have made my petition before the Lord be near the Lord our God day and night.” (1 Kgs 8:59) 

It’s amazing that God listens to us at all. Frankly, it may be even more amazing that we somehow let this unique gift of prayer-focused access to God become routine. May God hear our prayers of repentance today! 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Have you considered lately the miracle that God welcomes us into His presence through prayer?             

PRAYER: “God, may You hear my requests today.”


One-year plan: 1 Kings 9-11, John 5:31-6:21

Two-year plan: Numbers 27-28, Mark 12:18-34

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