05/31/24 Seeing . . . or Not


One-year plan: 2 Kings 6-8, John 9:13-41

Two-year plan: Numbers 35-36, Mark 14:53-65


It’s one thing to recognize when you’re spiritually blind. If you recognize that malady, there is hope you might find sight. At least when the light shines into your life of blindness, you might find freedom in the light. Those who think they can see but who are actually spiritually blind, however, remain in darkness, for they fail to see their need. 

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day often found themselves in the latter situation. They argued they were in the right because they were the children of Abraham; thus, they saw little need to learn, little reason to grow, and . . . ultimately, little recognition of their real spiritual need. They thought they could see, but in truth they were blind. Jesus the Son of God read their hearts when they were wrongly reading their own. 

He still does read hearts, you know. He knows us inside and out. No part of our lives is a secret to Him. He knows blindness even when we think we can see. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Are you truly walking in the light of Christ?                

PRAYER: “God, I never want to misread my own heart. Help me.” 


One-year plan: 2 Kings 9-10, John 10:1-30

Two-year plan: Deuteronomy 1, Mark 14:66-15:5

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