Wednesday Words: My Bible Reading Formula

Here’s a description of my Bible reading formula, found in the book that Dr. Bill Cook and I co-wrote, Victory over the Enemy:

Be okay with starting small, and grow in your reading. One reason we wrestle with this spiritual discipline is that we think we must be reading extensively every day or reading not at all; we do not allow ourselves much room for growth in this task. I fear we have been taught that more reading is always better than less reading—that is, more chapters are always better than fewer chapters. If reading one chapter a day is more than you have been reading, however, start there. You will never get to two chapters a day until you get to one.

Indeed, quantity of reading is not always best. This formula now reflects my thinking, in fact: “Consistency + quality + accountability > quantity of material.” Consistency means we read the Word regularly, even if we read only a few verses at a time. Quality indicates we read the Word with some intentional depth, and we consider deeply what the biblical text teaches. Accountability means we inform others about what we’re reading and what the Lord seems to be saying to us through his Word. When these three components of Bible study are present, I do not worry much about how much I read at first. What I have learned is that consistent, quality, and accountable Bible reading will ultimately lead to increased quantity in reading.

Cook III, William F.; Lawless, Chuck. Victory over the Enemy (pp. 199-200). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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