06/06/24 Evil


One-year plan: 2 Kings 18-20, John 11:45-12:19

Two-year plan: Deuteronomy 4, Mark 15:33-47


Sometimes it’s tough to state just how evil human beings can be. In today’s reading in John’s Gospel, we see that wickedness among the religious leaders. Not only had they plotted to kill Jesus (John 11:53), but now they determined to kill Lazarus, too. After all, Lazarus was evidence of the power of God in Jesus – a walking miracle of life restored. He who had been dead was now alive again. 

Not surprisingly, the people took note of the miracle and sought to find Lazarus. In fact, many Jews turned from the religious leaders and their teachings to Jesus, their Messiah. What is still surprising to me, though, is the fact that the religious leaders determined the best next step was to eliminate Lazarus, too. It’s unlikely that Lazarus’ death would have stopped the spread of Jesus’ teaching, but sinful people can also become unreasonable people at times. Evil really is evil—but it cannot overcome the glory and work of God. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Have you ever been overwhelmed by evil in the world?  

PRAYER: “Jesus, I praise You that You are Lord in a crazy world.” 


One-year plan: 2 Kings 21-23, John 12:20-50

Two-year plan: Deuteronomy 5, Mark 16:1-8 

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