7 Reasons Why Pastors Need Encouragement Today

I’m always grateful for “Pastor Appreciation Month” every time it comes around in October. It means a lot to me that church members make extra effort that month to say, “Thank you” to their pastor. At the same time, though, pastors need encouragement throughout the year. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The emotional and spiritual burdens of ministry are weighty. After all, pastors deal daily with matters of life and death if they truly believe a personal relationship with Jesus is necessary for salvation. The message we proclaim really does matter. 
  2. A pastor’s work is never done. There’s always another meeting to attend, another visit to make, another member to call, another sermon to prepare—and those are daily responsibilities of a pastor apart from emergencies that sometimes interrupt the daily routine.
  3. Sermon preparation is difficult work. When done well, sermon prep takes time, focus, energy, and effort. On top of that work, then, pastors must let the sermon text critique their own lives before they stand before God’s people. It’s sometimes a “behind-the-scenes” encounter with God that can be gripping. 
  4. Seldom is a pastor not at least “on call.” Wise pastors take a day off, and they make sure to take their vacation each year—but even then, they often remain only a phone call, email, or text away from some great ministry need. Even if others take care of the need, the pastor sometimes still carries the burden from a distance. 
  5. A word of encouragement is often unexpected and surprising. It’s not, however, that church members don’t appreciate their pastor; it’s that few express that appreciation apart from some intentional churchwide effort to do so. Pastors are sometimes surprised by encouragement when it’s not October. 
  6. One word of encouragement can make a genuine difference in a pastor’s life. No matter how much difficulty a pastor faces in ministry, an encouraging note, text, or call can lighten his burden. It’s amazing to me how much just one thought can make a pastor’s heart leap in the right direction. 
  7. It’s Monday—and Mondays can sometimes be hard for pastors. That’s especially the case if they faced member conflict or preached a “dud” sermon this past weekend. Mondays sometimes just hurt. 

If you’re a church member, I challenge you to encourage your pastor today. If you are a pastor, encourage another pastor in your community. You won’t regret taking the time to do so. 

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