Wednesday Words: Craig Hamilton, author of WISDOM IN LEADERSHIP, on “Servant Leaders”

I found these words from Craig Hamilton both convicting and challenging as a leader. Read them and evaluate your own life in their light.

As a leader, your job is to help those you lead to succeed. Those people under you don’t exist to serve you or to make your life easier. You exist to serve them. The organizational pyramid is reversed. The pyramid doesn’t exist to serve and prop up those at the top. The point leader exists to serve everyone else in the organization. You exist to serve the people you lead. You are over them by being under them and you are great by being the least. You are to be their first assistant, head coach, and chief cheerleader. Leadership means servanthood. Jesus isn’t against greatness—he just changes the definition. He shows you what real greatness looks like and what true greatness means. And greatness means sacrifice and servanthood. . . . .

This is the core of Christian leadership in practice. You want to be a disciple of Jesus? That’s a great thing. You want to be a leader? Good. You want to be a great leader? You want to be the greatest? That’s good too. Be a servant. Be the greatest servant. Serve everyone you can. Everyone you meet. Be all about others; be in it for others. Do everything you can to grow and develop others. Servanthood is the mark of the Christian leader.


Craig Hamilton, Wisdom in Leadership: The How and Why of Leading the People You Serve (p. 48). Matthias Media. Kindle Edition.

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