Tuesday Encouragement: Spurgeon on Getting Rest

If you’re weary today, I pray these words from Charles Spurgeon might challenge you to prioritize rest. I encourage you to do so even as I’m pushing myself to do the same.

Repose is as needful to the mind as sleep to the body. Our Sabbaths are our days of toil, and if we do not rest upon some other day we shall break down. Even the earth must lie fallow and have her Sabbaths, and so must we. Hence the wisdom and compassion of our Lord, when he said to his disciples, “Let us go into the desert and rest awhile.” What! when the people are fainting? When the multitudes are like sheep upon the mountains without a shepherd? Does Jesus talk of rest? When Scribes and Pharisees, like grievous wolves, are rending the flock, does he take his followers on an excursion into a quiet resting place? Does some red-hot zealot denounce such atrocious forgetfulness of present and pressing demands? Let him rave in his folly. The Master knows better than to exhaust his servants and quench the light of Israel. Rest time is not waste time. It is economy to gather fresh strength. . . .

Who can help being out of breath when the race is continued without intermission? Even beasts of burden must be turned out to grass occasionally; the very sea pauses at ebb and flood; earth keeps the Sabbath of the wintry months; and man, even when exalted to be God’s ambassador, must rest or faint; must trim his lamp or let it burn low; must recruit his vigor or grow prematurely old. It is wisdom to take occasional furlough. In the long run, we shall do more by sometimes doing less.

Charles H. Spurgeon, Lectures To My Students (pp. 160-161). Fig. Kindle Edition.

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  • Margaret says:

    THANKS SO MUCH for this word
    I had asked the Lord last night as I lay myself down to sleep….HOW FAther do I relax…give me YOUR heart in this matter please
    Lo and behold here is the answer in your article this morning….all I can say is THANKS for your encouragement….it is SOOO timely and encouraging
    To GOD be the glory!!

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