Remembering My Dad

This weekend, we’re honoring fathers. Today, I remember my dad. He did not become a believer until he was in his 70s. For years, he and I had a difficult relationship. Many were the days I struggled to love him as God expected.

When God saved Dad, though, He changed him completely. It was such a dramatic change that we literally had to get to know a new man after his conversion. He was without question a trophy of God’s grace until he passed away a few years ago. The picture above is my younger brother baptizing our dad — my brother's first baptism.   

We prayed for 30+ years for my dad to become a believer. If you’ve been praying for a loved one for years – and if you’re close to giving up – I invite you to listen to my brief testimony (less than five minutes) of dad’s conversion at  You’ll also find it under the “Resources/Sermons” tab on this site. I pray it brings encouragement to you and to others. In the comments section, let us know how we might pray for your dad. 


  • Tony says:

    This is the story of my dad as well, he left my mom when I was only 6 weeks old. He never helped with any support to my mom and it was 13 before I got my first birthday card from him. When I came to faith in Christ at age 9 and surrendered to the call to preach at age 18, I began asking everywhere I went for people to pray for my dad’s salvation. At age 68, I had the privilege of praying on my back porch with my dad to trust Christ.

    May we never give-up or quit sharing the Gospel with our lost family!

  • Teresa says:

    My father-in-law and mother-in-law are both lost. We pray continually for their salvation and I admit, there are many days it feels futile. I remember hearing you speak in Peoria on the subject of Spiritual Warfare and at the end you asked for us to join in praying for your father’s salvation. My husband and I did and the day we read about his salvation we rejoiced. Please, join us in praying for my husband’s parents. We are broken for them, but it seems their pride is more important than their eternity. To see them saved and baptized by my husband would be glorious indeed!!!

    • Chuck Lawless says:

      Thanks, Teresa. I’m praying right now. My mother is still not a believer, so let’s all pray together for our family members. 

  • My Dad is 91 and I am finally seeing him soften toward the gospel. Thankful for a compassionate God to pray to for him.

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