08/10/15 A Simple but Penetrating Question

READING: Jeremiah 10-13

TEXTS AND APPLICATION: Sometimes faithful people of God still face opposition. Jeremiah did, even from the people of his hometown, Anathoth. Learning of that opposition, Jeremiah asked the question that many have asked before and since: “Why does the way of the wicked prosper?” (Jer. 12:2). 

In contrast to the wicked people with evil hearts, Jeremiah was willing for God to test his own heart. His words are true, but seldom do we find people who are so confident of God’s review. Knowing God knew the rightness of his heart, Jeremiah was ready for God to bring judgment on his enemies. 

Jer. 12:3a  As for You, Lord, You know me; You see me. You test whether my heart is with You.

These words — still true today — ought to give us pause.  

God knows me. Inside and out. Every sin. Every thought. Every dream.  Every goal. Past, present, and future. 

He sees me. Through and through. Nothing hidden. All uncovered. 

He tests whether my heart is with Him. Truly with Him. Not just talk. Not just the motions. Not like the Hebrews of Jeremiah’s time who still gathered at the Temple while depending on idols. 

He tests whether my heart is with Him. 

What did He find yesterday? 

What will He find today?    

PRAYER: “God, change me however You wish today. Bring me to the place where I am willing for You to test my heart.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: Jeremiah 14-17