11/04/15 His Word and His Power

READING:  Matthew 22, Mark 12 

TEXTS AND APPLICATION:  The Sadducees denied the possibility of resurrection, but they nevertheless tried to set Jesus up by their question about marriage in the afterlife. "If a woman’s been married to seven different brothers after each one dies successively, whose wife would she be in resurrection?” they asked. Jesus’ response was clear:

Matt. 22:24 Jesus told them, “Are you not deceived because you don’t know the Scriptures or the power of God?” 

They didn’t know the Scriptures well enough to know the Bible teaches the reality of resurrection, and they didn’t understand the power of God enough to know that He could give eternal life quite different from our earthly existence. Nor did they know the power of God in their own lives. They were religious leaders who knew neither God’s Word nor His power.   

I can only wonder if we ever live the same way. We say we believe the Word, but we don’t know it well enough to answer the questions of critics. We talk about the power of God, but we struggle with believing that God really is capable of doing all things. 

Sometimes, we, too, are religious leaders who don’t know God’s Word or His power. God forgive us. 

ACTION STEPS: Honestly evaluate how well you know the Bible. Then prayerfully consider how evident the power of God is in your life. Take sufficient time to respond to your conclusions by being honest with God. 

PRAYER: “Father, give me a longing for Your Word and a desire to know Your power. Remind us powerfully that You remain the present-tense God of resurrection.”  

TOMORROW’S READING: Matthew 23, Luke 20-21