02/09/16 I Will Appoint My Blessing

READING: Leviticus 24-25

I am really glad that God already knows my tomorrows. He is the God of eternity who knows all things past, present, and future. That means that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow because God’s already in charge of it. Indeed, Leviticus 25:18-21 is a reminder that God not only knows our tomorrows, but He also uses our todays to get us ready for them:

“You are to keep My statutes and ordinances and carefully observe them, so that you may live securely in the land. Then the land will yield its fruit, so that you can eat, be satisfied, and live securely in the land. If you wonder: ‘What will we eat in the seventh year if we don’t sow or gather our produce?’ I will appoint My blessing for you in the sixth year, so that it will produce a crop sufficient for three years.”

The context was God’s command concerning the Sabbath Year, every seventh year when the Hebrews were to allow the land to rest, to lie fallow. They were to do no farming during that year. Not only was that rest good for the soil, but it was also one of God’s ways of reminding His people that He provided everything for them. They were to trust Him when when the land produced a bumper crop, and they were to trust Him when the land lay fallow. In either case, He was the provider. 

The people would not go hungry in the seventh year because God would give them all they needed during the sixth year. He would give them such a crop that they would eat from it for years to come. 

I am reminded today to be a wise steward of what God gives me this day. He alone knows what tomorrow will bring, and perhaps He blesses me today because struggle and difficulties await tomorrow. Maybe He gives us dollars today because He will call us tomorrow to give sacrificially to support His work. He may shower us with blessings today because job loss awaits tomorrow. God, though, is just as much in charge of our faith-challenging tomorrows as He is our blessed todays. We can trust Him, no matter what comes. 

Are you trusting Him today? Are you being a wise steward of the resources God is giving you? Or do you waste much of it?  

ACTION STEPS: Consider these steps today:

  • Review your current spending habits. Are you wise with God’s blessings?    
  • Take time to thank God for always meeting your needs — even when life unexpectedly brings anxiety.  

PRAYER: “Father, thank You that You know what tomorrow brings. Give me wisdom to know how to best steward today’s blessings.”  

TOMORROW’S READING:  Leviticus 26-27