Saturday Suggestions: March 12, 2016

Here are some suggested readings for believers this week:

Missions Mobilization through Pastoral Leadership with Jim Shaddix, Tony Merida, and David Platt

Actually, you have to listen to this recommendation. Tune in to hear these three significant leaders talk about these issues. All three have made missions and ministry happen.


3 Things New Leaders Need to Listen For by Art Rainer

This post is intended for new leaders, but I found it encouraging and helpful myself. I needed these reminders from Art.   


The First Lesson the Lord Taught Me as a Minister by Joe McKeever

I was surprised by what this first lesson was . . . and then not so surprised that I still need to learn it. Read this post to be challenged.


Two Strategic Shifts in Churches and How to Address Them by Eric Geiger

Seldom does a church just drift into health. In fact, they usually drift the other way. Read Eric’s post, and then evaluate your own church. 


Twelve Characteristics of Effective Team Members by Chuck Lawless

I wrote this post after thinking about some of the great laypersons who’ve challenged and blessed me through the years. I hope you’ll enjoy their stories.         

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