Saturday Suggestions: June 18, 2016

Be sure to check out these recommended readings on the web:

The Stakes are High: 2016 Presidential Address to the SBC by Ronnie Floyd

If you haven’t heard or read Ronnie Floyd’s final challenge as SBC president, be sure to take time to do so. These are important days if you’re a Southern Baptist. 


The Role of Personality in Church Conflicts by Larry Purcell

This short post will help you think about how you typically address conflict situations. I learned something about myself through reading this post.


3 Simple Reasons to Put Down Your Cell Phone by Jamie Dew

It’s not because I like Jamie’s thoughts that I’m recommending this post. It’s because it made me necessarily uncomfortable – and challenged me.


The Five Most Important Church Growth Principles by Gary McIntosh

You may not agree with all these principles, but you need to be aware of them. Find a nugget that helps you focus your church’s outreach.


How Exaggeration Can Undermine Your Joy in the Gospel by Erik Raymond

I love it when a blog post surprises me and makes me think in ways I hadn’t considered. This one fits that bill.  

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