08/15/16 He Sees

READING: Jeremiah 14-17

I know that the basic truth of this devotion is simple — one that most of us already know. Nevertheless, I think it’s a word all of us need to hear over and over again. Jeremiah warned God’s people that the enemy would hunt them down in God’s judgment, and they could not hide from His justice. Indeed, God said, “My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes” (Jer 16:17). He knew their sin, and all their efforts to keep that information from God were futile. 

In fact, the Lord said these words to His people: “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind” (Jer 17:10). Given that these words follow the conclusion that the human heart is “deceitful above all things” (Jer 17:9), I’m reminded of just how foolish we can be at times. We sin and then assume we somehow get away with our wrong, convincing ourselves that God’s not watching. Sure, we know better, but the way we act suggests otherwise: why would we continue to do what we do if we truly believe that God sees it all?  

And then, we even sometimes try to convince ourselves that our actions are acceptable. I can hear all the reasons now because I’ve used them all at some point in my life. “After all, I am only human.” “I don’t sin as much as I used to, so it must not be as wrong now.” “It could certainly be much worse.” “I don’t know why God hasn’t just freed me from this issue.” “It’s just normal.” On and on the excuses roll from a heart that is indeed deceitful. 

Our only hope? The God who redeems and restores His people to Himself. He disciplines us in our sin so He might break us from that bondage. His name is magnified when we return to Him in brokenness and repentance. 


  • Forget about hiding anything from God today. Know that your every action, thought, and word will be evident to Him. 
  • Should you fall at any point today, immediately repent and run to the God who sees all that you do.                        

PRAYER: “Lord, thank You for redeeming me. Let me live today in such a way that I’m not ashamed to have You see anything.”     

TOMORROW’S READING: Jeremiah 18-22