Saturday Suggestions: March 4, 2017

Check out these worthwhile reads:

You Love Ministry More than God If . . .  by Eric Geiger

I wish I could say that I found none of these signs in my life, but that’s not the case. Be sure to evaluate your life in light of this post.   


10 Ways to Make Your Seating Team More Effective by Danny Franks

I’ve known this team as “ushers” in my day, but these ideas are great ones regardless of what you call the team.  


Four Reasons to Slow Down by Jon Bloom

Reason #4 by itself made me slow down, think, ponder, and repent. 


7 Things to Do While You’re Waiting on God by Ron Edmondson

There aren’t many people who are more impatient than I am. I needed this reminder to let God teach me something while I’m waiting on Him.    


Preparing Your Church for Transgender Guests by Sam Rainer

Most of us will face this issue at some point. Sam’s suggestions are worth taking the time to read.    



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