10 Thoughts Church Leaders Should Think this Saturday

It’s Saturday, and gathering with the people of God is just around the corner. If you’re a church leader, here are some thoughts you might want to be thinking today:

  1. “I can’t believe God has called me to be a leader in His church.” None of us is worthy of this calling and privilege.
  2. “I’m grateful that I have the Word of God in my hands.” Many believers and leaders around the world don’t have that benefit.
  3. “It’s okay that the church is messy.” The church has always been problematic (think, “Corinth”). We’re called to love them anyway.
  4. “I’m not all I think I am.” Many of us, if not most of us, struggle with a little bit of ego. Admit it, but push against it.
  5. “Doing church without fear of persecution is an incredible blessing.” Just ask a believing friend who’s paid a price for gathering with believers.
  6. “I need to pray and repent today.” We worship best when our heart is ready to meet God.
  7. “Some church members are probably still non-believers.” If you remember this truth, you won’t get frustrated with people. You’ll pray for them.
  8. “Wonder what God will teach me this weekend?” Even those of us who lead must go to worship prepared to listen, learn, and be changed.
  9. “The Body of Christ is amazing.” There’s nothing quite like a bunch of people who genuinely become family – brothers and sisters in Christ. Truly.  
  10. “I get to worship God!” We get to be in His presence without being consumed. That’s nothing to take lightly. 

Think on these things, and then join God’s people in worship this weekend. 


  • Mark says:

    May I add in re #1 that some in the church are wondering just how some of you leaders got your positions. Pay attention to what is going on and not just with the largest donors, old people, and families with children. Talk to the opposite of these, the undesirable people before they are all gone. Make it a point to ask people what it is that leaders don’t “get”. You might be surprised.

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