8 Signs that You Might be a “Teflon” Leader

I trust you know what Teflon is – that coating on pots and pans to keep stuff from sticking to the utensil. Imagine a fried egg that simply slides out of the pan instead of somebody prying it from the pan with a spatula. With that image in mind, evaluate whether you’re a “Teflon” leader:

  1. You’re living in sin, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting your ministry. You might even teach that sin has consequences, but seemingly not so in your life. Your ministry keeps increasing even though you know the truth of your ongoing sin.
  2. Your staff have no relationship with you, but the show goes on well each Sunday. Few people in the congregation recognize the problems because all seems well on Sunday. The church might even see you and your staff as a great team.
  3. You teach and write about family even while your own home is a mess. Others might even turn to you to lead trainings and conferences about family and marriage because they believe in you.  
  4. You’ve learned to talk about evangelism a lot without doing it. If you talk about evangelism enough and occasionally insert an illustration of outreach you did years ago, your church will believe you’re evangelistic. 
  5. People who have concerns about your leadership – sometimes legitimate ones – leave rather than confront you. In fact, they leave without making a ruckus, and your ministry goes on unscathed.
  6. The fact that you don’t pray much hasn’t hindered your work. You want to pray more, but the busyness of your ministry makes it difficult to find the time. You’ll pray more when God isn’t using you so much.
  7. You’ve always changed ministries before your wayward heart catches up with you. Sure, you’ve renewed your commitment to God with each move, but it’s never stuck. Ministry has become a job without spirituality, but only you know that reality.
  8. You’re a master at "humbly and spiritually" deflecting responsibility. You know this person – he uses spiritual, prayerful language even as he blames somebody else for the church’s problems. It’s easier to be Teflon when it’s never your fault in the first place.

Maybe you’re a Teflon leader today. If so, be aware that the coating doesn’t last forever. What’s Teflon-coated today will catch up with you someday.

Maybe even today. 

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