10 “Not’s” to Remember as You Attend Church this Weekend

Getting ready to gather with God’s people is an important step before you go to church this weekend. Here are 10 “not’s” to remember as you go:

  1. I have not prepared for worship if I haven’t prayed beforehand.
  2. Church is not about me.
  3. I cannot worship well if I have unconfessed, unforsaken sin in my life.
  4. Worship through music is not about my preferences.
  5. I do not know all the burdens my pastor carries to the pulpit.
  6. The Bible is not just a book.
  7. The gospel is not intended to make me feel comfortable.
  8. I have not given sacrificially to God’s work until it costs me something.
  9. If nothing changes in my life after the service, I have not genuinely worshiped God.
  10. Many believers around the world will not have the privilege of worshiping that I have. 

What "not's" would you add to this list?  


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