Actions to Consider Just in Case the Lord’s Challenging You This Week

I make no claims that this post speaks for the Lord, but I do know that the Lord teaches us through His Word, His Spirit, and His people. Just in case the Lord’s been challenging you, maybe you need to take steps to:

  1. Reconcile with a long-term friend
  2. Fast for at least one meal
  3. Go back to church
  4. Say you’re sorry to one of your children
  5. Confess your sin to somebody
  6. Go back to school
  7. Increase your giving to your church
  8. Become a missionary
  9. Forgive that person
  10. Talk to your pastor
  11. Take that new job
  12. Accept your call to pastoral ministry
  13. Join the church
  14. Safeguard your computer
  15. Start that doctoral program
  16. Enlist some prayer partners
  17. Donate your car
  18. Start exercising
  19. Talk to a Christian counselor
  20. Plan a vacation
  21. Move
  22. Mentor somebody
  23. Write a thank you note
  24. Start a Bible reading plan
  25. Go to the doctor
  26. Encourage a church staff member
  27. Reach out to your neighbor
  28. Minister among the poor
  29. Adopt a people group
  30. Join a church planting team
  31. Trust Him
  32. Repent and believe
  33. Go ahead and go on that mission trip
  34. Reaffirm your vows to your spouse
  35. Tell your coworker about Jesus

Tell us how we might pray for you. 

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